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    Professional excavation services in the Southern Highlands

    At M & M Earthworks, we offer a wide range of services including:

    • Driveway construction
    • Hard Landscaping
    • Block clearing
    • House-pad preparation
    • Trenching
    • Post-Hole Drilling
    • Horse arena construction

    Equipment for hire

    Our wide range of state-of-the-art earthmoving equipment enables the completion of all projects to the highest of standards.


    Our bobcat operators have many years of experience, which can save you valuable time and money. If you hire one of our Bobcats, we’ll provide you with the machine as well as a qualified operator. Our bobcats are fitted with a 4 in 1 bucket as standard and the levelling bar can be used at no extra cost.

    Tip Truck

    m and m earthworks tip truck
    With 360 horsepower and diff locks, our Scania 113h 12 tonne tipper is the ideal on-road and on-site tipper.

    Soil Conditioner

    This versatile bobcat attachment is ideal for tearing out old sod, grading topsoil, pulverising dirt clumps and preparing seedbeds. The carbide-tipped teeth on the drum and ran through hardpan and pulverise clumps with ease, while the rubber flap above the drum keeps larger materials from passing through.

    Standard box blade end wings are standard in order to help move large amounts of material and fill in low spots, but they can be removed to allow for the even distribution of material. The drum rotates in either direction allowing the machine to work in forward as well as in reverse gear.

    Traxcavator Cat 931c

    The Caterpillar Traxcavator is great for bulk excavations, clearing house blocks and fire trails.

    Excavator 3.5 tonne

    The 331 3.5 tonne excavator was specifically designed to manoeuvre in and around tight areas. It can reach where other machines struggle. Its smooth operation, fast cycle times and durable components allow this machine to handle jobs ranging from footing and sewer lines to retaining walls and swimming pools.

    Excavator 8.5 tonne

    The E80 compact excavator is a minimal tail swing model that has powerful digging capabilities. Its standard long-arm configuration allows for the digging of greater depths.


    m and m earthworks auger
    This auger is available for hire mainly with the Bobcat 331 excavator but can also be used with the Bobcat Skid-steer. It can bore 200, 300, 450 and 600mm holes, and when fitted with an extension, can bore pier holes in excess of 2.5m. When used with the Bobcat 331 excavator, the auger can reach over obstacles such as a fence or patio.

    Roller and Auger

    m and m earthworks road roller
    Our Ammann 3 tonne vibrating roller is equipped with dual spray bars and is available for hire on a day-rate.

    Bobcat with 6-Way Grader

    Using the Bobcat grader attachment is an economical alternative to dozers and an efficient method of spreading and grading material, especially on job sites that larger equipment can't access.

    These graders have blades that move in six different ways to grade any service. They also come with a hydraulic side shift, which moves the blade as much as 13 inches to the left or right. This makes grading next to buildings, poles and other obstacles easy.

    Rock Breaker

    m and m earthworks rock breaker
    We have rock breakers available for our Bobcat E80 and our smaller Bobcat 331 excavators

    For more information, call M & M Earthworks on 02 4841 0139 or on 0407 697 057 .

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